Implementasi CNN-LSTM untuk Music Captioning


Music-Information Retrieval
Music Captioning
Convolutional Neural Network
Long Short-Term Memory

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Diarsyah, M. G., & Setiawan, D. (2024). Implementasi CNN-LSTM untuk Music Captioning. Media Informatika, 23(1), 21–33.


Music has become an integral part of human life, extending its influence across various industries. For many, music is considered a necessity. With the rise of neural network technology, Music Information Retrieval (MIR) has gained prominence as a multidisciplinary field focused on processing music information and its applications. One popular approach for music captioning is the multimodal encoder-decoder architecture, which utilizes the CNN-LSTM algorithm. In this study, we develop a model that simultaneously learns from audio and text data. We explore different design choices for modality fusion, including early fusion, late fusion, and hybrid fusion, to assess their impact
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